Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yaya fell on Sunday

Hi Everyone,

As some of you already know, my mom fell on Sunday at Church on her right shoulder.  We took her to the hospital and the x-rays confirmed that she broke it all the way through.  We went to see Dr.Keith Robertson in Westlake and he told us that she needs to keep it really still for a week in a sling and hopefully it will set itself.  We go back next Monday at 11:30 to see if it is setting straight and if she will need surgery.  She has a 80% chance that it will heal and she will be left with just less mobility. 

Pray for the Yaya. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Belts and Buckles

Belt buckles are also a great opportunity to personalize an outfit that might otherwise be relatively indistinct. 

You can use a range of cool belt buckles to add some personality to an outfit and for instance cowboy belt buckles can demonstrate a love for the Wild West and also make an outfit more casual.

You can also use your belts and belt buckles to give a nod to fashion without altering your whole outfit.

For instance as cowboy belt buckles are popular at the moment as the cowboy look is in,

while for women very large belts worn higher up are currently very popular.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What if

what would happen if we ate only foods that were naturally put here on Earth?  Would we be at our ideal weight naturally?  would our bodies get stronger?  Would our ailments improve?  Who is up for the 30 day challenge?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 reasons to GO GET A WILL!!!If you Don't have a Will , please go to www.financialeduservices.com

I have been putting off getting a will for years thinking that it is so expensive and difficult to do.  My sister told me about FES and why is was so different. This company has real customer service with people who answer the phone and they changes to the will after 30 days and forever after that with no extra cost. 
There is also a lock box online that stores it for you and e-mails a copy to the appropriate person if anything should happen to you.   for more information call me at 516-729-6322.  You can come by and I will be more than happy to show you how easy it is.  There is also information at my website: www.vrtmg.com/MGuerriero

Do you have a Last Will and Testament? Have you kept it
up-to-date? Does it still reflect your wishes? Or, have you been
procrastinating, thinking you will take care of it later? If you do not have
a current Will, here are seven critical reasons why you should:

Did you Know?

1. Family Burden — Without a Will, you may be placing an
unnecessary burden on your loved ones. At your death, they will have
to handle your personal affairs. Without a Will, this job is much more
difficult. A Will is an act of compassion for those you leave behind.

2. Later May Be Too Late — If you fail to get your Will now, you
may never get around to it. Death, or mental incapacity, may strike at
any time, leaving you no opportunity for planning your affairs. When it
comes to getting your Will prepared, there is no time like the present.
Best of all, once you get it done, you will have the peace of mind of
knowing that you have placed your personal affairs in order.

3. Family Protection — Your Will is a critical tool for making sure
your spouse and your children will be provided for properly. They may
need the assets in your estate to preserve their customary lifestyle.
Without a Will, your assets may be delayed, or even prevented, from
reaching those who most need them. A Will helps ensure that your
wishes will be carried out.

4. Family Harmony — A thoughtful Will reduces the risk of
dissension among your surviving loved ones. There are many heart wrenching
stories about brothers and sisters who fought and argued over
their inheritance. Your properly prepared Will helps prevent this
unnecessary discord.

5. Providing for Special Needs — Some children are much
better able to care for themselves than others. For example, you may
wish to leave more to your handicapped son than to your daughter, who is a
successful physician. Many families have some children who will need more
of the inheritance than the others. These important decisions can be
implemented only if you have a Will.

6. Keeping Current — Many people with Wills have not kept them upto-
date. An out-of-date Will may direct your assets to people you would not
intentionally select, such as former spouses or distant relatives. You may
inadvertently leave significant assets to the heirs of deceased beneficiaries, if
your Will is out-of-date. It is important to update your Will whenever your
family situation changes. State and federal laws that affect estate planning
also change from time to time, so you should have your Will reviewed
regularly by an attorney.

7. Leaving a Legacy — A Will allows you to leave a legacy that reflects
your values. If you have been blessed with good fortune in life, a charitable
bequest to the American Air Museum in Britain or other important charities
is an excellent way to share your blessings with others. With a charitable
bequest you can leave a portion of your estate to this organization and any
other worthy charities you support.
You may wish to direct your bequest to an endowment fund. This means
that the principal will always be preserved. Only the earnings will be used
each year, just as if you were still making your annual donations. Your
financial support for a cause you value will live on, long after you have
passed away. It is simple and straightforward to arrange a charitable bequest
in your Will, and you can revoke it at any time

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tickets that are a crime

I just can't get over the fact that my Sweet 81 year old mom got a ticket for jaywalking. She does not have a driver's license or speak English so I am sure she does not know the laws. Her ticket is $190. Her rent is approxamately $250.How is that teaching her a lesson. I think a smack on her arthritic wrist would have been sufficient. Don't you? Any thoughts? Court date is March 18th